Fido-Package deluxe
by Michael Haase

CD-Cover of the WIF-CD 3.0
CD-Cover of the WIF-CD 3.0

Deutsche (German) Version dieser Homepage
The Fido-Package deluxe supports German, English, Russian, Dutch and Spanish at the moment.

Version v2.9 Release (from 04-FEB-07, complete+update): (about 4.1 MB)
Source code (Delphi 4) of version v2.9 Release: (about 346 KB)
Version history: whatsnew_eng.htm

Language file, if someone likes to add a further language: fpd_language.pas

Actual URLs for this homepage:    or    or

Further information regarding the package: info.htm
Distribution information: distri.htm
Infos for nodes who support IBN and CDP and who like to add an extended support for my package.
FSP-1016 official CDP specification (latest is revision 3)

This Fido-Package is suitable for all windows versions (Win 95a to Win XP), and it is also functional with Linux using VMWare (windows emulator).
At the moment the CDP specification revision 3 is supported.

If seriuos errors occur, a log file named FidoInst.log will be created. Please send that to me. Thanks.

Spanish installation guide: here (configuratión en español)

Info eMail:

What is Fido? The answer is at
You like to have a look without installing something? Here: Online Entrance.

Last change: 11-AUG-2008


Screenshot: main menu
Screenshot: main menu

Screenshot: Connect or disconnect an echo
Screenshot: Connect or disconnect an echo